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Where to Buy Weed in MA? Black Market vs. Green Market


Trying to buy weed in MA and don’t know where to look? Unless you have a medical marijuana card, then you basically have two options: the black market and the green market.

Pricing | Buy Weed in MA

Pricing is oftentimes the biggest consideration when weighing whether or not to buy weed in MA from a dispensary. It will almost always cost you more to buy weed from a dispensary as opposed to off the streets, especially if you’re used to paying $20/oz.

Dispensary purchases are subject to taxes. When you buy weed in MA, you’ll get hit with the 6.25% sales tax, an additional marijuana excise tax of 10.75%, plus a local tax of up to 3% that will vary based on city. So you can expect to pay about 20% of your total purchase cost in taxes.

The base prices of dispensary weed are still usually lower than most people would expect. Most dispensaries in MA have at least a few 0.5g prerolls on their menu for under $10.

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Quality / Purity

Before you buy weed off the streets, you might want to consider the quality and purity of the product you’re getting. Especially in today’s climate.

When you buy weed in MA from a dispensary, you can guarantee that it has been tested for yeast, mold, bacteria, pesticides, microorganisms and other contaminants. Weed is unable to be sold unless it passes testing. Obviously, black market weed does not need to be held to the same standards. Moldy weed is much more common in the black market and there is no real guarantee that the product is free of contaminants.

You can also pretty much guarantee that your black market weed has passed through the dirty hands of several different people. Unless you buy directly from the grower, you’ll never really know who else was handling it before you bought it. And whether or not they wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

Additionally, packaging for dispensary-grade weed is designed to keep the product fresher for longer. Product vaults are temperature-controlled and usually, flower will come sealed in an air-tight container made of either plastic or glass. So, you don’t have to wonder if your weed is being stored in a zip lock baggie that was previously holding someone else’s lunch.


If you buy weed in MA from a licensed dispensary, chances are you’ll have a selection of different strains to choose from. Again, unless you are buying street weed from a knowledgeable grower, you probably have no idea what strain you’re going to get and what concentration of  THC it is.

If you love all weed all the time, then this won’t be a major dealbreaker for you. But if you’re someone who has a preference for indicas or sativas, you’re definitely taking a gamble. You could very well end up with one that’s too strong/weak for your preference, or gives you undesired side effects.


You will be asked to show your ID several times when you legally buy weed in MA. Most likely, each individual employee you talk to will ask to see it even after the door attendant has checked you in. Most POS systems used at dispensaries keep all transaction information anonymous. But some people are still not comfortable with purchasing weed anonymously.

When you know a guy, they usually don’t need to know your name or information. Just the basic details needed to get you what you’re looking for.


Remember – it’s completely legal to buy weed in MA if you’re over the age of 21. But, only from a licensed dispensary.

Out of state customers are allowed to buy weed from dispensaries in MA, as long as they have a valid, government-issued ID. However, it is illegal to cross state lines with any amount of cannabis, even if you are traveling to another state where cannabis is also legal. The transportation of marijuana through mail, including via private carriers like FedEx and UPS, is also illegal.

Selling weed is illegal unless you are a licensed dispensary. But, it is legal to give weed away for free to others as a gift. So as long as you find a dealer who likes you so much that they give you their products for free as a gift, you’re golden. As long as it’s under an ounce. And don’t let it cross state lines.

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