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How To Sober Up When You Get Too High

We’ve all been there… One minute you’re laughing and having fun after smoking weed or taking an edible and then before you know it, the good vibes melt away and you find yourself panicking. In your state of existential dread you might even ask yourself, “Am I going to be okay?” Of course you are! You just got too high. And here’s how to sober up when you get too high:

1. Take Some CBD

THC is the cannabinoid found in marijuana that makes your brain feel high. CBD, on the other hand, contains no psychoactive effects. It may, in fact, actually reduce the negative effects you feel and help sober you up when you get too high by blocking THC from activating cannabinoid receptors in the brain.

You could try CBD edibles, tinctures or flower to put your mind at ease. But we definitely would not recommend taking in any more THC.

2. Eat a Greasy Snack To Sober Up When You Get Too High

Similarly to alcohol intoxication, a delicious and unhealthy snack can sometimes be the antidote. In addition to filling your guts with something non-psychoactive, it’ll distract you from the paranoia by giving your mind a simple and familiar task to focus on.

Foods to Eat:

Foods to Avoid:

  • Mango: Contains the mycocene terpene, which is said both speed up the onset of your high and increase its duration
  • Chocolate: Contains a high concentration of the terpene anandamide, which gives a feeling of euphoria. This terpene is also found in cannabis in high concentrations.
  • Green Tea & Black Tea: High caffeine content will add additional stimulation to your high. They also contain an antioxidant known as catechin which interacts with the same CB1 receptors in the brain as cannabis does.

Eating will be extra effective at sobering you up from edibles, which can take several hours to take effect, by stimulating your metabolism.

3. Take a Cold Shower or Bath

This one might not be feasible if you’re out in public or at a friend’s house. But showering in general helps to relax your mind and body. “Shocking” your body with a cold shower might be a nice, grounding way to help bring you back down to earth.

4. Sober Up When You Get Too High By Sleeping It Off

Applicable in many tough situations life throws at us, try sleeping it off. It’s a surefire way to pass the time while your body naturally sobers up. And remember, you’ll feel normal again once you wake up.

5. Take a Safe Dose of Ibuprofen

An early study showed Ibuprofen to be effective at counteracting the effects of THC.

6. Remember to Stay Calm

Rest assured, it’ll pass. A bad experience stemming from getting too high can be discouraging, especially for new marijuana users. But ask any regular user and they’ll tell you — they’ve been there.

You are okay and you are going to feel normal in a couple hours. Deep breaths can go a long way in helping you relax. As can focusing on your body’s normal functions such as eating. The following checklist is a common exercise used to ground oneself during episodes of anxiety:

  • 5 Things You Can See
  • 4 Things You Can Physically Touch/Feel
  • 3 Things You Can Hear
  • 2 Things You Can Smell
  • 1 Thing You Can Taste

We promise that you’ll sober up when you get too high in just a few hours. So just keep on keepin’ on and when it doubt – nap it off!

It is important to note that the above information is for educational use only and should not be interpreted as medical advice. Smyth Cannabis Co. does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the above information. Individual results will vary. All Smyth Cannabis Co. products are grown for recreational use and do not claim to possess any medical benefits. Smyth Cannabis Co. is a recreational-only dispensary and does not employe medical professionals. Consult your physician before using cannabis for any medical purpose.