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These Red Flags Will Help You Spot Bad Weed

Just because your weed was purchased from a dispensary, doesn’t necessarily mean it is top quality. While both recreational and medical dispensary weed must pass a series of testing to ensure it is free of any impurities and safe to smoke, there are still a few factors that can lead to deterioration before you get to smoke it. So whether you’re buying from a dispensary or you happen to know a guy, these red flags will help you spot bad weed.

Dull Brown Coloring

Although strains regularly vary in appearance, the color of your weed is the easiest and most obvious way to judge its quality. If it appears dried out and brown is the most prominent color, your stash is most likely stale. More often than not, dispensary weed will come in an air-tight container equipped with a Boveda moisture pack to keep it fresh. But even dispensary weed is not necessarily safe from drying out. Trust your gut if you think you spot bad weed. Remember to keep it air tight and away from light.

Gray or White Spots

how to spot bad weed powdery mildew

Don’t get it twisted — Trichomes are the clear crystals on the surface of the plant that contain the cannabinoids. To spot bad weed, it’s important to recognize the difference between trichomes and powdery mildew, though a knowledgeable grower will be able to identify and treat powdery mildew before it makes its way to cultivation.

“Webby” Texture

This one can be a little trickier to detect at first glance. Sometimes it’s obvious when mold is present on weed. But other times, it can manifest as a very fine, spiderweb-like texture that you only notice when you pull the weed apart. You can spot bad weed by keeping an eye out for any unusual textures, especially with moist nugs.

You Can Spot Bad Weed By Observing Excessive Stems & Leaves

Here’s one you’re probably already aware of. You can spot bad weed right away by the amount of stems and leaves present. The stems and leaves of the plant contain a negligible amount of cannabinoids and simply add weight to the product you are paying for. Don’t waste your money on mids!

While the quality of dispensary weed is typically more reliable than that of black market weed, it’s still important to inspect your weed before smoking.

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