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Strain Highlight: Lilac Diesel | Hybrid

lilac diesel strain sativa

The Lilac Diesel strain by Smyth Cannabis Co. is a sativa-leaning hybrid, super flavorful with robust trichome production and a complex terpene profile. Notes of citrus, sweet berries, earthy pine, and flowers are immediately noticeable. You’ll feel like a wine connoisseur as you savor the enjoyable flavors. Lilac Diesel is an excellent choice for a friendly and energetic midday adventure.

  • Breeder: Ethos Collective
  • Cross: (Super Lemon Haze x Forbidden Fruit) x NYC Cherry Pie x Citral Glue
  • Tastes Like: Sweet, Honey, Berry, Floral, Pine

Lilac Diesel Strain Effects



Creative Lilac Diesel Strain

lilac diesel


The naturally occurring chemical compounds that found in cannabis that provide consumers with a wide range of effects are known as cannabinoids. THC and CBD are along the most commonly known cannabinoids.

Our most recent batch of the Lilac Diesel strain tested for the following cannabinoids:

  • THCA | 22.3% Lilac Diesel Strain

  • D9-THC | 0.79% Lilac Diesel Strain

Terpenes — Lilac Diesel Strain

Terpenes are the naturally occurring compounds responsible for the smell of most plants, fruits, herbs, etc., including cannabis.

However, unlike cannabinoids, terpenes do not directly contribute to making you feel “high.” They are oftentimes are still considered to be “psychoactive”though, since they can still affect your brain in a similar way to aromatherapy.

Our most recent harvest of Lilac Diesel tested for the following cannabinoids:

Beta Caryophyllene Lilac Diesel Strain

Aromas: Sharp, Spice, Sweet, Wood

Beta-caryophyllene is known for its wide variety of potential physical and mental health benefits. CB2 receptors are targeted when treating pain & inflammation with cannabis, and this terpene has a unique ability to bind to them. It is FDA-approved for use in food & is found in black pepper, cinnamon and basil.


Aromas: Citrus, Lemon, Pine, Wood

Terpinolene is known for its antioxidant, antiseptic, anti fungal and antibiotic properties. Users report feeling an uplifting and energizing effect from consuming cannabis high in this terpene. When combined with Linalool, it exhibits more sedative effects.

Alpha Humulene

Aromas: Herbal, Spice, Woody, Earthy

Commonly found in ginseng, ginger and hops, Humulene has been used in natural health practices for hundreds of years due to its strong anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been reported to act as an appetite suppressant.

Try The Lilac Diesel Strain From Smyth Cannabis Co.

Our flower is always properly cured and trimmed by hand in our 15,000 square foot facility right here in Lowell, MA. You’ll get a true craft cannabis experience every time with dozens of strains grown at maximum strength and efficiency. So, check out our menu to confirm the availability of Lilac Diesel at our dispensary!

Or, look for Lilac Diesel at a dispensary closer to you on Leafly.

A sativa-leaning hybrid that’s my new go to for a functional high. Very pleasant and flowery smelling and tasting. This strain keeps you focused and doesn’t hit you with short term memory loss that many strains do. No more walking into a room and forgetting why you’re in there! You can carry on a conversation and get chores and errands done efficiently while feeling happy and creative, it reduces pain as well. What more could you want?

K.....nLeafly User

Awesome. Creativity flowed. While we didn't solve for world peace, we figured out a $40 solution to a $500 problem.... we think.

T.....rLeafly User

Magnificent sativa. Heady, but not intoxicating. Great chill type of sativa good for grilling, chilling, socializing, board games, enjoying nature, you know, chill kinds of things. I wouldn't call it energizing as much as it is stimulating. What I mean is I don't think this would be good for very physical activities, but for more mental type of things, I'd highly recommend. It gets your brain going and gives good focus. Great for first timers.

S.....oLeafly User

More sativa dominant than indica dominant strain makes it perfect for morning, afternoon, or evening use. Tasted very floral, but still skunky with that diesel flavor. Gave a very cerebral high but still relaxed me which washed away any anxiety that I had. I absolutely loved this strain!

S.....kLeafly User

This strain is like no other to me. It smokes with a floral flavor and scent, is quickly effective and completely enjoyable. Great pain relief for nerve pain and myofascial pain. Calm giggles. Fun memories. ... also the best s*x I’ve ever had. 10/10.

L.....uLeafly User

In 17 years I have never smoked a better tasting strain. This is what medicine should feel like. For me, this is the first time I have had a single strain balance my physical and mental life so perfectly. This is for sure a Sativa dominate flower but with a relaxation and body high that makes you want more. Have you ever smoked specifically because you craved the taste? Like almost hungry for the taste? Yea, me neither until Lilac Diesel. I have finally found my medicine!

C.....rLeafly User