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New Pre-Rolls: Goodbye, Cones!

While hand-stuffed cones seem to have sentimental value in cannabis culture, our new pre-rolls are machine-rolled and deliver a consistently better smoke. They’re rolled (not stuffed) with precision and efficiency for a reliable smoking experience, free from variations that might affect quality.

In a word, these joints are nostalgic. They’ll take you back to your old smoking circle. Back then, no one was stuffing cones. You and your friends were rolling joints!

new pre-rolls flower

High Quality Flower

Rolled with ground nugs — never shake or trim

new pre-rolls grind vs. cones grind

Old School Grind

No packed “sawdust” — maintains flower flavor and properties

new pre-rolls airflow

Improved Airflow

For a consistent burn with no clogging or boating

new pre-rolls

The Power of the Flower

Forget about packed “sawdust-like” weed. We use a more robust, old school grind not compatible with cones in our new pre-rolls. Above all, a coarser grind not only maintains the overall integrity of the flower but also allows for a better flavor. It is much moister, terpier, and fresher. You can see for yourself that we only stuff them with ground nugs – never with any shake or trim. At the same time, we optimize the distribution of cannabis material for an efficient burn rate. In summary, the coarser grind provides better airflow with less clogging and boating than what you can expect from a cone.

Smyth Cannabis Co. flower is grown in a small batches in our 15,000 square foot facility, which we control down to the last detail. It is always properly flushed, cured and hand trimmed for a 10/10 experience every time.

Located off of 495 in Lowell, MA, Smyth Cannabis Co. carries a variety of different pre-rolls at some of the most competitive prices in the area.


Consistency is Key

new pre-rolls vs. cones

Unlike hand-stuffed cones, which may may vary in size, density and tightness due to human error, our new, machine-rolled pre-rolls guarantee a standardized experience every time. They’re rolled (not stuffed) with natural hemp paper.

Not to mention, the unparalleled consistency extends through to the smoking experience of each pre-roll. They are calibrated to reduce under or over-filling and rolled using even-density technology to ensure a consistent burn from start to finish. With cones, resinous and finely ground cannabis dust tends to pack tightly around the narrow filter. This can lead to clogging towards the end of the joint, causing you to stub out early. With a consistent shape and an extra-wide filter, our new pre-rolls guarantee an even burn right down to the end, with less product wasted.

So Fresh & So Clean New Pre-Rolls

Our brand new pre-roll machine was designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, ensuring a sanitary production environment. This is a key factor in an industry where quality control is so crucial.

Spark It Up: New Pre-Rolls

We recommend lighting our new pre-rolls more similarly to a cigar than a traditional joint. First, you should hold the joint over an open flame, rotating it evenly for about five seconds. Then, you should wait for an evenly-lit cherry to form before you inhale.

There’s nothing worse than taking a nice big hit before realizing the joint is not fully lit. In fact, this is also major reason for boating and uneven burning!

Stand Out From The Pack

While we can all agree that cones definitely serve a purpose, the quality and consistency of our new pre-rolled joints make them the clear choice for an overall better smoke. We’re excited to be changing the industry’s view of traditional pre-rolls and can’t wait for our customers to try them!

Ready to try something new? Check out our menu to see what strains we have available in our new pre-rolls. We’re conveniently located right off of 495 in Lowell, MA.

Alternatively, you can find us at a dispensary closer to you on Leafly.

I love them! They burn perfectly.


Finally... A joint that looks like a joint.


They burn so perfectly! A++


The new ones burn so much better with the bigger filter.


I've been waiting years for a dispensary to start rolling like this!