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What Can a MA Medical Marijuana Card Get You That a Recreational Dispensary Cannot?

There are several benefits of having a valid MA medical marijuana card as opposed to just shopping at adult-use dispensaries.

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MA Medical Card Holders Get Cheaper, Tax-Free Prices

Medical weed sales are tax exempt because taxes do not apply to medicines in MA.

The standard 6.25%  sales tax will apply to all recreational marijuana purchases. In addition, there is a marijuana tax of 10.75%, plus a local tax of up to 3% that will vary based on city. A MA medical marijuana card will save you about 20% of your purchase price in taxes.

Greater Possession Limit

Massachusetts laws require a limit on the sale of both recreational and medical weed. Customers may purchase up to 1 oz per day of recreational weed. However, valid MA medical marijuana card holders are given a limit of 10 oz every 60 days.

Higher Potency Weed

Cannabis products sold for medical purposes are allowed to be much stronger than those for recreational use. For example, recreational edibles can contain +1,000mg THC, while the THC content of recreational edibles must be under 100mg.

Lower Age Requirement

You must be at least 21 years of age to visit a recreational dispensary in Massachusetts. In fact, no one under this age limit is allowed on the property of a recreational dispensary at all. This includes waiting outside or even staying in the car.

The minimum age for a MA medical marijuana card is just 18 years old.

More In-Stock Options for MA Medical Card Holders

Recreational dispensaries in MA are required to keep a certain amount of inventory for patients. Additionally, any dispensary licensed to sell both recreational and medical weed must prioritize their medical products. This means that in order for a product to be sold recreationally, it must also be available medically. If a medical product is out of stock, it is unable to be sold for recreational use.

Discounts, Promotions & Other Savings

Special sales, deals and other promotions may not be applied towards recreational cannabis products. This includes customer rewards and loyalty programs. Recreational dispensaries can still use these programs, but any money off may only apply towards merchandise and accessories.

MA medical marijuana card holders may be eligible for discounted pricing at medical dispensaries only.

Home Delivery

Before July 3, 2021, delivery of marijuana products was limited to medical patients only. Today, delivery options are available for both medical and recreational cannabis users. Several third-party cannabis delivery apps, such as Lantern, are expanding their service areas.

Federal law bans the transportation of marijuana through mail, including via private carriers like FedEx and UPS. Deliveries must be made by a licensed agent wearing a body camera, and two agents must be present in each delivery vehicle. Vehicles can not carry more than $10,000 worth of products at any time. It is illegal to deliver cannabis to public areas such as hotels, libraries, restaurants, college campuses, etc.

Visit Smyth Cannabis Co. Recreational Dispensary

You can still buy potent cannabis products at great prices even if you do not qualify for a MA medical marijuana card. Smyth Cannabis Co. offers the highest quality cannabis flower, pre-rolls, edibles, concentrates and more and industry-leading prices. We also carry a rotating supply of our premium cannabis products, along with products from other local brands.

We are located right off of I-495 in Lowell and have parking available for free onsite. Visit us today!