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Cannabis Jobs in Massachusetts


According to WBUR, cannabis jobs in Massachusetts grew by 64% in just the first year that weed became legal for the state. If you’re interested in breaking into this growing industry (pun intended), you’ll find many different jobs available to fit a range of skill sets.

Whether you have a bachelor’s degree in finance, a passion for gardening, a simple high school diploma or none of the above, you’re bound to find a cannabis job in Massachusetts that you qualify for. Below are just a few of the most popular job titles you’ll see in the industry:

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Retail Cannabis Jobs in MA

Sales Associate — Cannabis Jobs in Massachusetts

AKA Budtender, Dispensary Technician
Sales associate positions are definitely among the most popular jobs in cannabis in Massachusetts. In short, they ring up customers and help them choose their products. They should be friendly and outgoing, just like a bartender at your favorite restaurant.

Additionally, Sales associates will assess what each customer is looking for and answer any questions they may have. Most importantly, money handling skills are needed, although this may be an entry-level cannabis job in Massachusetts.

Inventory Specialist

Some weed stores require sales associates to get the correct products together to fulfill all orders. On the other hand, most dispensaries have a separate inventory staff that will put together each order you submit.

Inventory specialists must keep close track of each product that is being sold, including their unique product and batch numbers. Daily audits are required to make sure each and every single item is accounted for. Consequently, excessive inventory issues will result in compliance violations, so this job requires excellent record-keeping skills.

Dispensary Manager

Looking to put your leadership skills to use with a cannabis job in Massachusetts? Those experienced with retail operations may be more interested in a manager position where they can work on sales strategies. Managers analyze performance and develop action plans to further growth.

In addition, they will also be involved with managing daily operations, such as scheduling.

Sales & Marketing

Wholesaler — Cannabis Jobs in Massachusetts

The job of a wholesaler is to sell the products to other dispensaries. They weigh in on the quality of the products (strength, expiration date, exclusivity, etc.) in order to negotiate good deals with dispensary buyers.

This is one of the cannabis jobs in Massachusetts that often requires a bachelor’s degree in finance, sales or other business focus.

Product Buyer

AKA Purchaser, Merchandiser, Wholesaler, Curator
Product buyers have many of the same duties as wholesalers. The main difference is that buyers are looking to purchase products in large quantities for their own store, instead of selling to others.

Similarly, product buyers negotiate with wholesalers in order to purchase high-quality and in-demand products in bulk for their own stores, for the best prices possible. At smaller stores, wholesale and product buying may be combined into one dual role.

Marketing — Cannabis Jobs in Massachusetts

The role of markers in cannabis will vary greatly, depending on the size of the operation. Larger companies may have a few specialized marketing roles, each with its own set of responsibilities, whereas smaller businesses may have one or two marketing employees who take on many different marketing tasks. Specializations include:

  • Digital Marketing (Content Marketing, PPC, SEO, Email Marketing)
  • Social Media & Influencer Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Public Relations & Media Planning

Cannabis marketing can be in-house or outsourced through third parties. This team must work closely with compliance, as there are very strict rules in place and weed advertising is banned on many of the major platforms. Experience and industry knowledge may replace the need for any formal education needed for this cannabis job in Massachusetts.

Brand Ambassador

AKA Field Marketer, Brand Representative
Brand ambassadors bring the branding of a cannabis company or dispensary to the community. Their job is to spread the word about the brand by sharing it with the public. Networking is the main responsibility of a brand ambassador. You will find them working popups at weed stores, industry trade shows and other events.

Are you knowledgeable about weed? Do you consider yourself a social person who enjoys a change of scenery, all while educating others? Working as a brand ambassador may be your dream cannabis job in Massachusetts.

Operations & Logistics

Compliance — Cannabis Jobs in Massachusetts

Cannabis compliance employees have a very important role. In addition to overseeing company policies, they are also responsible for reporting to government agencies and staying on top of all legal requirements. Every aspect of the cannabis industry is closely monitored, even down to the contents of their trash. Compliance staff must stay up-to-date on all new laws and regulations to make sure they are properly carried out.

In the same vein, the compliance department must monitor testing, packaging, marketing, storage and more. To clarify, experience or education in law is required for this position.

Logistics Manager

To sum it up, the logistics department is responsible for overseeing the overall transportation, distribution and storage of cannabis products and accessories. Secure vaults are required in every dispensary and they must be temperature controlled.

Packaging Technician

Packaging positions can either be in-house cannabis jobs in Massachusetts or outsourced through a third party. Employees should be very detail-oriented, as they are responsible for weighing and portioning out the products, putting them in the correct packages and making sure they are accurately labeled.

This fast-paced position will be required to meet quotas. Consequently, any issues during packaging may result in a compliance violation that can carry heavy fines.

Delivery Driver

AKA Courier
There are further regulations for cannabis delivery drivers and their vehicles. Delivery vehicles must be temperature controlled, with two drivers in each vehicle. The truck must have internal cameras and each driver must wear a body camera. Most importantly, the vehicle must also be equipped with a GPS.

Cannabis Cultivation


A job in trim is an excellent position for those looking to break into the weed growing industry. Trimming tasks are a lot like gardening. Responsibilities of this entry-level cannabis job in Massachusetts include removing buds from plants after harvest and trimming of the leaves, stems and excess plant matter, as well as drying out the buds before packaging.


There are different levels of seniority for growers, depending on experience. Duties are a little more hands-on than that of a trimmer. Growers are more involved in planning and cloning, nutrition, pest control, climate and air quality, etc.

Cultivation Director

Cultivation directors are just one of the cannabis jobs in Massachusetts that can expect to earn well over $100k a year. They plan, execute and oversee the entire operation from harvesting schedules to training and managing the team.

Cultivation directors must have a background in plant science. It is their job to make sure they are growing healthy, potent marijuana at maximum efficiency. Further, they will also have a major say in which strains will be grown.

Lab Science Cannabis Jobs in Massachusetts

Concentrates & Extraction Processor

Buds that have failed testing, as well as shake, or non-potent plant matter including stems and leaves, are then processed and extracted. After that, the extracts are used for a variety of different products, including concentrates.

Processors will have a chemistry background and understand how to efficiently make different concentrates from the materials they have to work with. Entry-level support positions may be available, but this cannabis job in Massachusetts requires working knowledge of the product.

Lab Manager

All cannabis plants must be sent off to a lab after harvest to be tested for microbes and fungi, solvents, pesticides, etc. before it is sold. After that, finished concentrates must also be tested again before sale to confirm potency. Those with a chemistry background looking for a cannabis job in Massachusetts may want to consider a career in a testing lab.

Edibles Chef

Chefs, flavor scientists and chocolatiers can also find an exciting cannabis job in Massachusetts through working with edible weed products. Above all, you will learn how to infuse cannabis into different types of foods, including candy and chocolate, baked treats, teas, soda, ice cream and more. Certainly, edibles chefs must work closely with compliance to accurately monitor doses.

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