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Cannabis Flower Near Me — Top Strains of 2022


The stigma behind cannabis consumption is breaking down everyday, with public figures including artists, athletes and musicians becoming more and more outspoken about their support. Subsequently, popular strains of cannabis flower near me are starting to become household names. Check out this list of the 2022’s most popular strains. How many of these are you familiar with?


5. Gary Payton | Hybrid

gary payton hybrid

Gary Payton, named after the famous NBA Hall-of-Famer, is a potent hybrid cannabis flower near me known for it’s hard-hitting effects. You’ll get the best of both worlds with an immediate boost of euphoria partnered with a body high for ultimate relaxation. Due to its high potency, we don’t recommend this strain for beginners.

For example, rappers including Snoop Dogg, Tory Lanez, Fabolous, Benny the Butcher, E-40, Migos and Gucci Mane, among others, have all paid tribute to this famous strain in their songs.

  • Breeder: Powerzzzup
  • Cross: Y Griega x Snowman
  • Tastes Like: Gassy, Burnt Rubber

4. Pinky’s Advice | Sativa

pinkys advice sativa

Pinky’s Advice is a gorgeous sativa. Above all, it is an excellent morning smoke that’ll leave you feeling motivated, great for a more active user. The kind of strain that even makes chores enjoyable, this top cannabis flower near me will give you a significantly euphoric head buzz and has been known to give people the giggles as well as an easy-going state of mind. In the same vein, it’s satisfying for both new users and seasoned cannabis experts alike.

According to Leafly, this strain saw a 264% increase in popularity across Massachusetts from September 2021 to September 2022!

  • Breeder: Pollen Nation
  • Cross: The White x Jellybean x Loud Sour
  • Tastes Like: Sweet, Pine, Floral, Candied Cherry

3. Greasy Runtz | Indica Hybrid

greasy runtz strain indica

Greasy Runtz is a great strain to get cozy and binge a show with. Generally thought to be considered a bigger & better Runtz, it shares Runtz’s sweet candy and gas flavor. In general, Greasy Runtz is extremely high in THC, with relaxing indica hybrid effects.

Further, Runtz gets special shoutouts in several popular rap songs by artists including YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Pop Smoke, Waka Flocka Flame, Asher Roth, G Herbo, Calboy, Money Man and more.

  • Breeder: Exotic Genetix
  • Cross: Grease Monkey x Runtz
  • Tastes Like: Sweet, Candy, Gassy

2. Granddaddy Purple | Indica

granddaddy purple indica | cannabis flower near me

Granddaddy purple, also known as GDP or granddaddy purp, is among the most popular strains of cannabis flower near me for all the right reasons! This California staple gets its name from the deep purple colors of its flowers, allowing the trichome crystals to really shine. You’ll get a peaceful buzz from this one, but likely will not find yourself straying too far from your couch.

In addition, you may have heard this strain mentioned in songs from rappers like Lil Wayne, G-Eazy and more.

  • Breeder: Ken Estes
  • Cross: Mendo Purps x Skunk x Afghanistan
  • Tastes Like: Sweet & Fruity w/ Earthy Undertones

1. Girl Scout Cookies | Indica – Cannabis Flower Near Me

cookies kush indica | cannabis flower near me

Also known as GSC or Cookies Kush, this well-balanced strain of cannabis flower near me is sure to satisfy even the pickiest smoker. First, an instant good mood flushes your mind of negativity. Next, it is followed up by a long-lasting body high to leave you feeling relaxed and easy. On the other hand, you should expect to get the munchies after smoking this strain!

Overall, it’s no surprise that outspoken cannabis lovers like Snoop Dogg, Future, Young Thug, French Montana and Tay-K all mention this strain in their songs.

  • Breeder: Barney’s Coffeeshop
  • Cross: OG Kush x Durban Poison x Cherry Kush
  • Tastes Like: Sweet, Vanilla, Warm Spice, Earthy, Nutty

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