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5 Best Sleep Strains


When you’re used to the stress of the day keeping you up at night, finding natural remedies to promote restful sleep can quickly become a priority. For some, cannabis serves as a potential solution, with certain strains known for their calming and sedative effects. In this article, we’ll explore the best sleep strains for giving you a peaceful night’s sleep.

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5. Granddaddy Purple

granddaddy purple indica | cannabis flower near me

Granddaddy Purple (A.K.A. GDP ) is a popular indica strain known for its deep relaxation effects. With its rich purple hue and sweet grape and berry flavors, GDP is recognized for inducing a powerful body high that can help relieve pain, stress, and insomnia. Its sedative effects make it an excellent sleep strain for those looking to unwind before bedtime.

  • Cross: Mendo Purps, Skunk, and Afghanistan
  • Flavor: Sweet, Grape, Berry

4. Quattro Kush Sleep Strains

high thc strains: quattro kush by smyth cannabis co.

Quattro Kush is an indica that is noted for its very high THC content paired with a wonderfully offensive terpene profile. Definitely not a sleep strain for beginners, its effects come on strong and hit you like a truck (in a good way). Quattro Kush produces a very happy and euphoric high that’ll leave you hungry and stress-free.

  • Cross: 707 Headband x Triangle Kush x SFV OG F2
  • Flavor: Garlic, Gas, “Hot Garbage”

3. Blue Dream Sleep Strains

blue dream strain

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid, but its well-balanced effects make it great for relaxing without the unnecessary stimulation. With a sweet berry aroma and a gentle onset of euphoria, Blue Dream can help users ease into a calm state, making it a potential choice for those looking to manage stress and sleep more soundly.

  • Cross: Blueberry x Haze
  • Flavor: Sweet, Berry, Citrus

2. Northern Lights

northern lights strain

Northern Lights is a classic indica strain that has been a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts for decades. Known for its blissful and tranquilizing effects, Northern Lights is often recommended for those with insomnia. Its earthy and sweet aroma, coupled with its ability to induce a deep sense of relaxation, makes it a top sleep strain.

  • Cross: Afghani x Thai
  • Flavor: Earthy, Pine, Grass, Citrus

1. Miracle Mints

miracle mints strain indica cap junky strain indica

Miracle Mints (AKA Cap Junky) is an extremely potent and pungent indica. It smells like sour fruit rind with dank hints of gas and pepper. Its smoke hits very smooth and tastes astringent and peppery. This maximum-THC cultivar is a sleep strain ideal for experienced smokers, with intense and long-lasting euphoric effects.

  • Cross: Miracle Alien Cookies x Kush Mints 11
  • Flavor: Floral, Herbal, Citrus, Pine, Mint

While the effectiveness of cannabis for sleep may vary from person to person, many users have found relief through carefully selected strains. Granddaddy Purple, Quattro Kush, Blue Dream, Northern Lights and Miracle Mints are among the top choices for those seeking a restful night’s sleep. As with any natural remedy, it’s important to consult with your doctor before introducing weed into your sleep routine, especially if you have underlying health concerns or are taking medications. Sweet dreams may just be a strain away!



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