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5 Best Sativa Strains


Looking for a head-rush high that will leave you feeling energized, focused and productive? We recommend going for a sativa. They’re great for helping you tackle physical activities, whether it’s a long and leisurely hike or a cleaning spree. Here are our picks for the 5 best sativa strains on the market right now:

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What is a Sativa?

Sativas are known for their uplifting and energizing effects. They are associated with more of a “head high” than indica strains.

But the difference between an indica and a sativa is actually the makeup of the plant itself. From 1753 to 1785, all cannabis plants were categorized as “Cannabis sativa L.,” with “Cannabis” as the genus, “sativa” as the species, and “L.” to indicate its Linnaean taxonomy.

After this time period, French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck separated the plant into two distinct species: “Cannabis sativa,” a taller and more fibrous plant, and “Cannabis indica,” a much shorter and more psychoactive plant.

5. Ghost Train Haze

ghost train haze strain sativa

Ghost Train Haze is a sativa unlike others you’ve tried before. This best sativa strain contender has a sour citrus and floral aroma. The flavor profile is earthy but sweet, and delivers a potent dose of THC that produces an uplifting, energetic, and super happy high in normal doses. It has been known to help with concentration and creativity in smaller doses.

  • Breeder: Rare Dankness
  • Cross: Ghost OG x Neville’s Wreck
  • Tastes Like: Citrus, Earthy, Floral, Bright, Sweet

4. Goji OG

goji og sativa

Goji OG is an old school sativa leaning variety. It has a dynamic aroma/flavor profile including a distinct OG profile with notes of sweet berry and straight up garlicky egg rolls. This is the type of strain that will make you enjoy household chores. Not a strain for novices; it’ll give a strong, uplifting high that we think makes it one of the best sativa strains on the market.

  • Breeder: Bodhi Seeds
  • Cross: Nepali OG x Snow Lotus
  • Tastes Like: Berries, Gas, Licorice, Chinese Food, Garlic

3. Durban Poison

durban poison

This pure sativa first originated from Durban, a port city in South Africa. Durban Poison is the perfect strain to help you stay productive through a busy day because of its energetic and uplifting effects. Its characteristically large resin glands make this one of the best sativa strains for concentrate extraction. Several other well-known strains have been produced from crosses of Durban Poison, including Cherry Pie, Girl Scout Cookies and many more.

  • Breeder: Ed Rosenthal
  • Tastes Like: Crisp Pine; Candied Lemons, Anise

2. East Coast Sour Diesel

east coast sour diesel

This high-potency sativa is a cult favorite among consumers. New to the Smyth Cannabis lineup, this gassy green has a pungent aroma and effects that will leave you sky high. It is among the best sativa strains for its ability to quickly uplift your mood.

  • Breeder: Dr.Greenthumb
  • Tastes Like: Spicy, Sweet, Lemony, Gassy

1. Lilac Diesel | The Best Sativa Strain

lilac diesel strain sativa

Lilac Diesel is a sativa-leaning hybrid, super flavorful with robust trichome production and a complex terpene profile. You will get notes of citrus, sweet berries, earth, pine, and flowers. In addition, you’ll feel like a wine connoisseur as you dissect and savor the enjoyable flavors. This is our best sativa strain for a friendly and energetic midday adventure.

  • Breeder: Ethos Collective
  • Cross: (Super Lemon Haze x Forbidden Fruit) x NYC Cherry Pie x Citral Glue
  • Tastes Like: Honey, Sweet, Berries, Pine, Floral

While sativas are usually associated with a more uplifting and energetic high, this is not always the case. In short, each and every cannabis strain has its own unique chemical profile that will interact differently with each person’s body chemistry.

You can better understand a strain’s effects by looking more in depth at the cannabinoids and terpenes its contains. But for beginners, the indica/sativa/hybrid model is a quick and easy way to get a basic idea of how a strain will affect you.


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